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Meropenem for injection

【Drug Name】

Generic name: Meropenem for injection

Product Name: Double Energy

【Properties】 This product is white to slightly yellow powder.

[Ingredients] The main ingredient of this product is meropenem.

[Pharmacological action]

This product is a synthetic broad-spectrum carbapenem antibiotic that produces an antibacterial effect by inhibiting the synthesis of bacterial cell walls.

[Indications] Applicable to infections caused by single or multiple meropenem-sensitive bacteria in adults and children.


The intravenous infusion of meropenem should be greater than 5 minutes and the intravenous infusion time should be greater than 15 to 30 minutes. The dosage and interval of administration for an adult should be based on the type of infection, the severity, and the specific circumstances of the patient.

[Specification] According to C17H25N3O5S (1) 0.25g (2) 0.5g (3) 1.0g

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